Honoring Prince as a Queer Ancestor


Look, I can’t actually find a way to adequately express the deep importance of Prince’s existence to my own life and identity as a sex positive, kinky queer. I am however, quite seriously experiencing a sense of mourning, loss and sadness based on the fact of his death at 57 yrs of age last week. I am going to add him to my list of Beloved Dead in my magickal workings. I believe he was channeling the blue god, the peacock god for most of my life time.

Prince Remembered by others & a few songs: http://dionnefarris.com/index.html

Prince GIFs  for us to use


Some of my Favorite videos by or about Prince:

Video for CREAM

British Documentary Movie: Prince in the 80’s

Full Concert Video 1982 Capitol Theater Full Concert:

Purple Rain Live

Prince covering Radiohead’s “Creep” in 2008


Okay this is my very favorite Prince & NPG video “Get Off!”  I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian Hagamen for pointing this out to me in 2005.


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