Natural Burial Rites, Death Cafes & Death Midwifery


Natural Burial Ceremonies

I am working ongoingly as a death doula. I  began attending the Portland Death Cafes and researching laws relevant to funeral and burials in the states of WA & OR in the fall of 2014. . I took the Death Café facilitation training on June 6, 2015.

Death Cafes

On April 28th 2015, I sought the blessings and permission of Tracey Emerson and Holly Pruett; facilitators of PDX Death Cafes, to begin leading LLR Death Cafes. I  held the first LLR sponsored Death Cafe in May 2015 and am still available to hold Death Cafes for your family, community or social group.

Earth My Body: Soul Ceremonies

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi now offers this class as part of Living Love Revolution curriculum. It was first presented at the Death Ok conference Oct 17. 2015 at Reed College.  I am happy to provide paid consultations to make the services of providing Natural Burial Ceremonies, Death Cafes and Death Midwifery available to others

Earth My Body: Soul Ceremonies

How do we create meaningful rituals to honor the presence of death in our lives? Depth Psychology and EcoPsychology offer pathways to the wisdom and strength that is needed when we are called upon to respectfully acknowledge the end of an individual human life; the death of a beloved animal; or the destruction of Nature. Soul Ceremonies allow us to adequately “be with” and integrate the impact of death on our individual and collective psyches. Learn the foundations of ritual design and construction; using sound, symbolism, deep witnessing and altar making to provide a sacred context for death.

My work at the founder and matrix of Living Love Revolution is to help people become more deeply self loving so that they can become resources of transpersonal love for themselves and others. My focus is to teach people to enlarge their capacity to “be with” death and dying as a process that is an integrated and accepted part of life. My work is to do counseling sessions, create soul ceremonies and provide group events and training in birth, death, relationship unions and dissolutions and otherwise help people mark the initiatory events and rites of passage that occur in their lives. I am an earth based spiritual leader focused on how human behaviors impact the more than human environments they occur in. This workshop will allow people to explore their intimate relationship with death and dying and create ceremony and meaning to express that relationship.

Death Midwifery

I highly recommend Holly Pruett as a Life Cycle Celebrant

I also have contact with several death doulas including Henry Welch, Holly Ma Suda and others. I will be networking and promoting  death midwife services of myself and others.

I also recommend the Death Midwifery certificate program from Final Passages.

To understand more about what death midwifery is watch this video:


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