May 22 Ganymede featured in “Last Men Standing”

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Ganymede & the film “Last Men Standing”

My beloved friend and peer Ganymede is one of 8 men who are featured in the Film “Last Men Standing”. I had the great good fortune of being with Ganymede and his family in March 2016 when the SanFrancisco Chronicle article featuring him and the film came out. We had a lovely dinner to celebrate this event, right before I left for the airport to return to Portland from the SF Bay.

At QDoc- Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival on May 19-22 2016: Sunday May 22nd 4:45pm Hollywood Theater



Last Men Standing is a documentary film created by Erin Brethauer & Tim Hussin who interviewed 8 men who are long term survivors of Aids. My friend and peer Ganymede was one of them. Her eis the SF Chronicle storythat came out the week I visited him in March 2016:

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Ganymede’s excerpt on Vimeo:


Ganymede opening the Q&A after the film debuted at Castro Theatre in SF, CA April 8, 2016.:

Here is a slideshow of images and writing about Ganymede from the SF Chronicle  article.


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Although I had heard of his reputation for years I did not meet Ganymede in person for the first time until we both attended the  Pendulum Gathering at Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Sanctuary in Sept 2014.

He was a main thrust of the creation of the “Black Leather Wings” group, Radical Fairies who engaged in and identified with BDSM and the Old Gods. Ganymede is a Pagan priest as well as a BDSm practitioner. He is also well known for teaching anal fisting workshops. I admire and resonate with his darkeness. We worship many of the same gods. What a Blessing to meet ancient friends again in the flesh.

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  1. Thank you Teri! Meeting you at Pendulum was a blessing in my life. So glad we have become a little part of each other’s lives!

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