Lilith in the Huluppu Tree: Restoring Sexual Sovereignty

“Lilith in the Huluppu Tree: Restoring Sexual Sovereignty”
with Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

Explore the Ancient Sumerian Mythology with guided trance work designed to ReWild our sexual selves.

This workshop delves more deeply into “The Huluppu-Tree” myth as given in Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth by Wolkstein & Kramer (1983 Harper & Row). We will contemplate Post Modern meanings of this story and its significance to our own sense of sexual self-knowing. The Goddess Inanna plucks the Huluppu tree from a flooding river and brings it to her Holy Garden. She tends it there by hand, “waiting for” her “shining throne and bed”. As the tree grows it acquires its own wild inhabitants who must be removed if Inanna is to attain the objects of her desire. She makes and arrangement with the human hero Gilgamesh who then strikes the serpent from the Huluppu tree roots, causes the Anzu bird and its young (Thunder & Lightening), to fly to the mountains and drives the Maiden Lilith into the wilderness.

Is this a story about trading embodied erotic soul force to a hero in order to obtain a throne and a bed? What sexual bargains do we make in our lives in order to hold onto social status in our dominantion based Neo-Liberal Uber-cultures? Can we shift our consciousness to see the Huluppu tree as more than the possibility of a throne and bed? If we go intentionally into the wilderness and become allies to the snake, the power of Thunder and Lightening and the Maiden Lilith can they help us restore our sexual sovereignty? A carefully facilitated guided meditation will take us between the worlds to allow an experience of inner knowing.

Sexual Sovereignty is “knowing” your own erotic power from an embodied physical experience that comes from being able to access the sensations and feelings that arise in your body. Understanding and restoring sexual sovereignty is one of the missions of Living Love Revolution. Founded on a belief that it is important to energetically inhabit and be able to feel every part of our bodies in order to tap into the Immanence that dwells there. To hear more about this framework listen to the Sovereignty & Embodiment podcast here.