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Anchoring Training image - 12 seats only - with Oakry and Liz - April 20, 2019 SE Portland
Anchoring Training – 12 seats only – with Oakry and Liz – April 20, 2019 SE Portland

Love Yourself ~ Love Each Other  ~ Love your family (Get in Right Relationship with your Ancestors) ~ Love the Planet!

Living Love Revolution offers healing sessions, generates Education and Media designed to evolve us into a loving embodied culture! We specialize in workshops salons and events that provide access to Self Love and Immanence. Building community and social change around consent, reciprocity and respectful compassionate communication. Creating the resource of love in our communities through events like Aphrodite temples, Surrender: An EcoSex Convergence and EcoSex Salons.

All genders, sexualities, bodies and relationship structures honored & welcome!

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llr-services-dec-2016Living Love Revolution is a community of people who see embodying love as an essential value in their daily lives. LLR is the life work and spiritual calling of Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi. Her work & calling are a form of integrated social change activism which results in classes, workshops, events and personal healing sessions that ask individuals to love themselves, love each other and form sustainable communities based on a love ethic. Living Love Revolution is a non-heirarchical, self-organizing, experience based system of healing that focuses on expansion, liberation and sovereignty.

Find honest and authentic communication about the difficulties we experience as we integrate our spirituality, our sexuality and our search for love. The truth about Love and Sex is that they are simultaneously beautiful, terrifying and compelling. Our socialization does little to prepare us for the transformational processes that occur when we are intimate with other beings. All humans can learn to love themselves, intentionally create intimacy and come to know sex as sacred and healthy. Let’s learn how to love, listen and treat each other and our planet with respect and reverence.

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW has created Living Love Revolution to teach others what she has learned about bringing more love into the world. She invents and teaches workshops and events where people learn how to love themselves, counsel each other and treat each other with respect and reverence.

Browse this site to learn about her current workshops, events, performances and counseling services. Contact Teri at (206) 612-3511 or by email at: livingloverevolution@me.com

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Teri walks the Angel Walk at Singing Alive 2013</a