Temple of Beauty & Wisdom, Mermaids & Peacocks ~ July 29-31st, 2016


Mycellium, Bees, and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. This Summer Temple of Beauty & Wisdom is connected to Stardust and focused on the beauty, majesty, and wisdom of the peacock as well as the waters that help us grow and sustain us. The venue for this temple includes both water and peacocks on the property that will be included within the sensory experience of the weekend! In this temple, we work to create a community and culture based on love that includes love of our own selves and our own bodies as well as extending that love to others and the planet herself (the Gaiaic Body).

Our focus on the peacock is based upon their presence at the venue, and their connection to The Peacock God, himself a Venusian figure associated with the Morning Star. The peacock is a bird of grace and elegance, often symbolizing immortality, the cosmos, wisdom, and beauty. Connected to the cosmos, the many eyes on their tails are reminiscent of the stars, of the Gods, of erotic lifeforce, of All That Is. They remind us of the beauty of the present.

We also bring a focus on water to this temple: a precious resource on earth that needs our love and attention. We will embrace the watery aspect of ourselves, invoking mermaids and the water of the planet while diving into the water of our Souls. In this we focus on keeping ourselves nourished and hydrated in these parched times so that we may share our water in communion with others, both human and non-human. We ask ourselves what we need to be nourished, what is the water we need and the water we have to share. As Summer comes to its peak, we contemplate the eternal nature of the summer and take a long drink of beautiful wisdom. Come ask yourself what it is that you need for growth and healing around your sexuality and your life.

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