Temple of Star Goddesses & Celestial Bodies ~ October 11-13th, 2013


“Let us imagine that Love which partakes of all love,
and meditate upon every sort of love,
until we perceive ourselves the equal holiness of each.
And let us visualize the Star Goddess,
whose worship is love and who accepts every sort of love,
and the love of every sort of being, as Her worship,
and whose love is towards all that lives,
and let us understand that every object of our love is Her altar.”

-Jack Parsons [pronouns altered]

LLR Aphrodite Temple of Star Goddess & Celestial Bodies
October 11th-13th, 2013
in Portland, OR

$150-$300 for all attendees
$75 for priestesses in training and devotees

Are you ready for a weekend of relaxed sensual exploration and cuddly communion? We provide a program of Sacred Sexual Healing that includes Deity invocation, clear boundary setting, authentic and open communication, 4 healthy meals, comfy group sleeping arrangements, training in Sex Magick, skillfully facilitated small group exercises, opportunities for deep Self awakening and ecstatic exploration. Participation limited to 25 people. 15 open spots.

Ah The Celestial Star Goddess! The Stardust continues to share itself with me and this Temple focuses on immersion in the web of connection between the expansive Transpersonal Love of the Galaxy with the ancient astral planes within each of us. We will tune in to the Heavens Above and mix it with our embodied Chthonic selves. Strengthen the vertical axis so that we can open our hearts and hands in an abundant outpouring of Love that moves horizontally into our larger communities.

Star Goddess: Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Inanna, Babalon, Nuit.

Desire from the Latin desiderare (“‘to long for’”), from de- + sidus (“’a star’”). We gather in this Temple to awaken our desires. To know our internal and external celestial bodies to venerate and be guided by the Stars.