May 2019 Temple of Infinite Rose

May 2019 Temple Theme: The Infinite Rose

Mycelium, Bees, and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution.

The May 2019 Temple of The Infinite Rose is focused on the mycelial network that nurtures and connects all of our flourishing, blooming bodies. We work to create a community and culture based on love that includes love of our own selves and our own bodies, as well as extending that love to others and the planet herself (the Gaiac Body).

Aphrodite’s Rose is a portal, a gateway that connects us to the source of erotic life-force that flows through all of us and spreads throughout the mycelial mat of our bioregion and beyond. Our individual rose is our own beautiful budding or full glorious bloom of ecstatic, erotic self-expression that is connected to the other roses in the garden of life. We are one garden, with many roses. We will sink back and down into our own bodies and selves, accessing the portal to the infinite within us.

As Spring comes into full bloom so are we encouraged to blossom. In this Temple we will take the time to find where we need to grow, where we need to unfold and open ourselves to the warmth of the sun, and what nutrients we may need more of in order to come into full bloom. We will investigate what it takes to meet our basic needs for love and belonging and how we can choose to extend ourselves to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others. In this time of the earth’s renewal, come ask yourself what it is that you need for growth and healing around your sexuality and your life.

Send an email to to express interest and schedule your Temple screening interview.

This Temple will be held in Portland, Oregon, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Portland (given good traffic). The exact address will be given in the confirmation letter that will be sent out two weeks prior to the event. The program will begin at 1pm on Friday May 3rd and conclude at 1pm on Sunday, May 5th.

Please visit for more information about this event, including a detailed description and FAQs.