Temple of the Open Lotus Heart ~ June 2-3rd, 2012

June 2 & 3, 2012  Austin, TX

The Call

Aphrodite calls, offering healing, renewal, sensuous delights…

Do you hear her? Will you join with her?

Are you finding yourself yearning for intimacy? Is there a desire to expand your heart? To be met with love? Are you seeking authentic ways to share your erotic self?

Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple of the Open Lotus Heart welcomes those who have taken many steps on the path into their own hearts, those who know their edges and seek to go deeper. Aphrodite Temple welcomes those who are just beginning on the journey, considering perhaps for the first time their deeper needs for intimacy. Aphrodite Temple welcomes those who are open to looking at and sharing their heart’s desires.

The Invitation & Intention

You are invited to attend Aphrodite Temple Open Lotus Heart, a weekend focused on providing sexual healing for yourself and others.

The intention of Aphrodite Temple is to create a sacred sexual group healing that gives you an opportunity to experience yourself as “soul-and-mind-inseparable-from- body”* in intimate context with others.

Our desire is to move you out of a place where intimacy is performative and operates from concepts of looking good and being perfect, into a context of seeing yourself and others as intact and “integrated fields of erotic/beauty”* that long to simply BE with each other. Join us as we share the techniques we have learned that allow an expansion of our divine selves and a glimpse at “we”-embodied consciousness. * languaging taken from the work of Joanna Freuh.

After attending Temple, celebrants report experiencing new depths of safety and authenticity that help them achieve unprecedented levels of intimacy and liberation in their personal lives.

Blissed Bee!

In Aphrodite Temple, sensuality is celebrated, sex is sacred, your body is a temple and “All Acts of Love and Pleasure are Her Rituals.”

You will be led through a series of intimacy building exercises designed to create deep empathy and generate an over-all sensation of bliss and well-being.

Feeling safe, being deeply listened to, being clearly witnessed, and being comfortable in your body are essential aspects of all Aphrodite Temple activities. Authentic, honest communication provides a safe and relaxed environment for participants to explore their inner and outer erotic selves.