Temple of Listening, Nesting & Spooning ~ February 15-17, 2013


Temple of Listening, Nesting & Spooning

This is the first Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple of 2013 there will be at least 3 maybe 4. Available to 16-20 people, no catering, shared food and shared accommodations. Held in Bonny Slope near Portland, OR at Venus Asteria Temple and White Oak Retreat Center. Value of event is $150 min cost $50 cash and gift economy trade. Close friends of Living Love Revolution and their invited guests only.

As I have sat in meditation the following themes have arisen for this Temple: Listening as in Listening to the Land, Listening to our bodies, listening to our hearts. Bending to place our ears to the ground, upon each other’s chests and bellies, the tender turning of the head to lean in and better absorb the meaning of what is being expressed. ListeningĀ as in the opening lines of the Sumerian Hymn “From the Great Above to the Great Below”:

From the Great Above, she opened her ear to the Great Below
From the Great Above the Goddess opened her ear to the Great Below
From the Great Above Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below

That kind of Listening. We will listen ourselves & each other , see how we are before moving into nesting.

How do we hold each other in our desire for self expression tempered by the need to create safety for all present. How to create a home inside our own core that is big enough to hold all our wanting and also extend outward to not only our human companions but the four leggeds the winged ones and all the invisible realms. Let us build nests together and hold each other and move toward an EcoSomatic understanding of how to be.


“I want him to take me with him
to take me
to nest me between his wings
and pierce my hungry troubled heart
to remind me of my first language
a lost language
I want him to make me whole”*

from “Flicker” by Christiane Pelmas

Then, finally, Spooning
An important part of the Consort practice taught recently by Reginald Ray of the Darma Ocean lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is full body gentle holding of the beloved: spooning. We will practice this simple ancient Tantric art and use it to seal the goodness and healing of our experiences together into our cellular memory. Expect to cry, rage, sweat, breathe deeply, pant, dance, greive, laugh, shout and otherwise be fully present.