Aphrodite Temples

This is a brief description of Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples, for more information please visit AphroditeTemple.com

From AphroditeTemple.com:
“Aphrodite Temples are opportunities to practice creating a community of Aphrodisiacal culture where we agree to meet each others needs for touch and intimacy and hold exquisite space for each of us to explore desire as it naturally arises in our bodies.

“This is an invite-only training in being able to provide Transpersonal Divine Love; love that goes beyond socialization, beyond gender essentialism and beyond hetero-normative dyads. It is open to people of all genders, sexualities, bodies, and relationship structures.

“Temple includes one catered meal (Saturday dinner) and a three-day facilitated workshop retreat.  There is optional camping available on site.  Workshop begins at 1pm on Friday afternoon and concludes Sunday at 1pm. The three-day workshop includes chanting, meditations, dancing, snuggling, spell work, and abundant opportunities for connection and ecstatic exploration with individuals and within groups.”

If you have never attended a Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple and you are interested in learning more, please click here to go to AphroditeTemple.com.

Priestess Training

Part of the work of Living Love Revolution is intentionally restoring the sacredness of the earth by acknowledging our own sacredness. To that end, I have designed a path of holistic training that provides spiritual mentoring to people who wish to know their own Immanence and who wish to be of service to others and the planet for Transpersonal Holistic Healing. I call this path Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Priestess Training. If this path appeals to you, feel free to call me and discuss it further. I have on-going one on one customized Priestess Trainings available.

Do not hesitate to call to arrange a free screening session over a cup of tea in the Venus Asteria Temple if you think you are interested in attending Temple or Priestess Training. Email LLRAphroditeTemple@gmail.com or call (206) 612-3511

Aphrodite Temple Podcast with Teri from Sept 2013