LLR EcoSex & Ecomagick medias

These are EcoSex & EcoMagick Podcasts that provide philosophical understandings and embodient practices for people to awaken to the need for an EcoSexual movement. You can find more of my media at the Sex Talk Radio Network

This talk was given at Clary Sage Herbarium in March 2013:
Opening to Each Other Opening Our Hearts to Gaia

Here is my workshop for the 2012 EcoSex Symposium held in Portland
Mycelium Bees & Stardust: Looking to Nature for our Humanity

EcoSexy Interview with Mycologist Willoughby Arevalo Fall 2013
Mushroom Sex

My first public Talk on EcoSexuality connecting Existential Responsibility for each of us to do our sexual healing work so we can become resources for Planetary Healing and Human Evolution:
Sex Positive Revelations