EcoSex Symposium

This was Reverend Ciacchi’s first large scale public EcoSex Event organized with Gabriella Cordova in Portland. It was successful in generating a great deal of connection between the presenters and in introducing Teri to Lindsay Hagamen of the Windward Sustainability Institute. I leave this here as an archive of our growing momentum.

Welcome Home, What We Are Inviting You to:

We have just finalized the presenters and venues for Ecosex Symposium Portland 2012 happening June 29-July1st . We  have a total of 21 workshops scheduled  Three simultaneous workshop tracks will run all day Sat (9am-7:30pm), and again from 10am-12pm on Sunday. I am feeling deeply resonant hums along the mycelial mat of EcoSexuals that is thickening as you read this. Amazing humans who listen deeply to the earth are coming to share their wisdom with us. Neuroscience, Ecology, Love, Animals, Fungi, Plants, Intimacy, Music, Dance are included in our topics. Check it out at

Come Dream with Us, Vision of the Symposium

Our intention in the EcoSex Symposium Portland 2012 is to be one of many focal points for the EcoSexual movement and its goal of inspiring people to see the natural world as a part of our own body and soul. Human beings are evolving and going through growing pains. It is time to move our attention from the Earth as Mother to the Earth as Lover. We are no longer children who can be solely dependent and only take form the planet. It is time for human beings to become mature adults in a reciprocal relationship with their Partner Gaia.

We want to integrate international leaders, West Coast cultural creatives, and local Portland talents. We will be turning the N. Mississippi (historically known as the Boise Elliot) Neighborhood into a three day Eco Fair/Block Party by inviting local businesses to join us, encouraging neighborhood participation, and holding the events in venues that are walkable and bikeable. In addition to the Lotus Heart Center and the Q Center (conveniently positioned across the street from each other on N. Mississippi Ave), we have identified and are pursuing open air venues throughout the street to integrate a number of free collaborative events: performance art, family DIY craft workshops, and ecoactivism.

We are mixing a traditional academic model of conferences with the newer “unconference” models.


Do you identify or resonate as an EcoSexual or EcoSensual being? For the organizers of the Symposium, this means humans whose teachings or lifestyle exemplify the principles given in the EcoSex Manifesto created by Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens.  We are honored to have Annie & Beth’s blessing and to be able to stand on the shoulders of the work they generated in Love Art Labs and and EcoSexual Symposium I and II. Please see more about their work here: and

Proposed Connection and Open Collaboration for “Unconference” Portion:

We would love your participation in creating an open forum of gift economy exchanges and free form collaborations in the Symposium. How about a naked bike ride parade down N. Mississippi Ave? Performance art in the form of public declarations of the EcoSex Manifesto? Weddings to the earth? EcoSex art displays in the alleys and sidewalks of the Boise Elliot neighborhood? Use of Mississippi Co-Op yard and “repurposing freecycle exchanges” in yards up and down the street? We would like to see stickers, art, and DIY projects everywhere. Join us! Let us know what you need from us in order to participate by calling Teri at (206) 612-3511.

Confirmed Keynote Presentations:

We are honored to announce our 2 keynote speakers who will each provide a talk at during the Symposium:

Serena Anderlini D’Onofrio and Bob Czimbal.

What Kind of Collaborations are we looking for?

Please read the EcoSex Manifesto: , and be certain that you can articulate what your collaboration has to do with the manifesto. This is a sapiosexual, “Smart Love,” “sex geek,” event. Saving the earth is sexy and doing it as a tribe is even sexier. We are especially interested in collaborators focused on local, sustainable, DIY projects and processes. Got an embodiment practice to share? We are curious and open to hosting mystical shamanic earth loving rituals. We would especially love to have at least one presenter to speak for/about bees, mycelium, and stardust. To this end, people who are familiar with and studying the Mycoremediation work of Paul Stamets,, the Shamanic bee practices of Michael Thiele, and Tamara Wolfson and the cosmology and astrophysics of Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Brian Swimme are HOT! We are captivated by the sexy intelligence of Veronica Monet and Joanna Frueh. We are inspired by the compassionate and wise daily spiritual practices of Andrew Harvey, Reginald Ray, Pema Chodron, and many gifted others. The gift economy ideas and heart opening visions of Charles Eisenstein turn us on. Most of all, we want you to be yourself; your authentic, honest, integrated self. We want you to share your vision of the new culture we are all birthing together. We want to network and sing and dance with you, so send us a form with your ideas on it so we can start this conversation.

Who Is the “Target Market”? A Post Modern Mycelial Mat…

The EcoSexual Symposium will be marketed to a unique cross section of activists and spiritually minded people who are focused on holistic health and well-being and ready to extend their concerns for their own health to the overall health of the entire planet. We are also interested in listening to and merging with the long time residents of the Boise Elliot neighborhood whose history is our foundation. We are eager to include the younger middle class folks who have moved into the “N. Mississippi” area in the last 10 years or so, making it the “freaky Boutique-y” hot spot. Involving the local businesses and restaurants seems essential. We see these layers of our mutual communities and acknowledge our mutual interdependence. There is no target, there is a mycelial mat of foundational connection which requires attention and stewardship. Let’s tend to it together, shall we?


Blessings from the lineage of EcoSexuality 

We were very fortunate to have conversations in person with Annie Sprinkle April 13-15th during her visit to Portland. She came to do a talk on EcoSex and teach Orgasmic Breathwork at the Lotus Heart Center. We share with her our intentions for the EcoSex Symposium and she offered us her administrative support with documents and a review of what she and her partner Beth Stephens have done.

Thanks so much for your consideration. We look forward to your participation in the Symposium  and to witnessing your creative offerings.

This letter was written by Teri D. Ciacchi on behalf of the EcoSex Symposium Portland 2012 production team that includes: Gabriella Cordova, Kim Marks, Celia Waddell, Henry Welch & Audrey Brown.