Re-Membering Aphrodite Series

Aphrodisia: An Evening of Edible Love Magick

With Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi & Casandra Johns

7:00-9:30pm Thursday Feb 12th 2015

$30-$50 sliding scale at the door

$25 in advance

What calms the mind, opens the heart and creates deeper emotional connection? Plant Aphrodisiacs.Delight your senses, awaken your intuition and gift your beloved with cordials from this experiential class.

Clinical herbalist Casandra Johns and Aphrodite Priestess Teri D. Ciacchi will instruct you in the 5 qualities of plant aphrodisiacs and the foundational steps of ritual magick in this 2 1/2 hour class. cordial making will include:touching and smelling our collection of aphrodisiacs, (rose quartz, cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg, maca, damiana, hawthorne, vanilla, honey, roses) and infusing them in honey shine alcohol.

Ritual elements will include:casting a circle, honoring directions, stating intentions, Invoking Aphrodite through song, poetry and movement and charging our cordial “love potions”. Ritual format is open to your participation, which means that you are encouraged to bring your own chants, altar items or other additions as you desire. All cordial making supplies will be provided and you are encouraged to bring your own additions.

This class is part of the Living Love Revolution ongoing “Re-Membering Aphrodite” curriculum  Essential Oils, Honeys, Body butters, and Benjamin Pixie’s Honey products will be for sale.

Advanced registration gives you a $5 discount. Send $25 to as a friends and family gift and get a $5 discount for registering early!

Re/Membering Aphrodite: An Evening of Sensuous Magicks
with Living Love Revolution’s Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi & Stephanie Martin

We will be holding this class for Sacred Tantra Circle on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 7-10pm for more information contact Teri at 206-612-3511

Let’s make a little Love Magick shall we? We will be becoming the “Body of Love”. We will read poetry, sing chants and listen to the Mythology of the Golden One.

We will look at each other in candle light and practice the erotic arts of soul gazing, brushing each others hair, kissing each others’ hands. We will look at images of Aphrodite, set up an altar to her and sing each others’ praises. We will have Dance breaks and practice self-loving Goddess Invoking, dance moves. The gracious arts of acknowledgment, compliments and deep witnessing will be taught and practiced in pairs and triads.

Polish your Inner Divine Feminine; no matter what your outer gender & regardless of your “plumbing”. The longing for beauty knows no limits of identity: Aphrodite is for everyone.

What to bring: beautiful smelling oils, lotions, body butters and essential oils; chocolates of any flavor, your favorite herbal tea, something to put on the altar for beauty and anything you want to charge with sensual loving energy. Flowers are appropriate. Bring a Mirror and some makeup. Bring a few friends and we will create a circle of golden light to hold us all.

Re-Membering Aphrodite: Oxytocin Loops for Love & Relationships
Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution
7-9pm $8-$15 donation

What is it that creates satisfaction and deep connection between humans? Oxytocin. All of the non-verbal communications that we exchange and call flirting or courtship in consensual contexts are behaviors that generate oxytocin. In this ongoing series Re-Membering Aphrodite, participants are creating ourselves as the “body of love” and remembering the Divine Feminine as the center of human being and thus the sacred source of all sexuality. We will do embodiment exercises that generate satisfaction, connection and yummy heart field resonance. These exercises can be used in your daily life, in all of your relationships. This salon is based on education I received in Nekole Shapiro’s Embodied Birth Doula Training and her class: “More Oxytocin Please! Increasing Intimacy In the Birth Room”
Please RSVP by calling Teri at 206 612-3511 or email