Wild Women,Wild Wolves

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Of Wild Wolves & Wild Women (Women who Run with the Wolves, right?!)

Because my beloved,Wild friend; Christiane Pelmas recently chose to adopt a Silver Wolf cub who had been abandoned and needed parental surrogacy, I had an opportunity to research people whom she might be able to receive mentorship from regarding the care and raising of wolves.

I took a few moments to think deeply and referred her to Veronica Monet. Veronica is a self identified EcoSexual, like Christiane and myself. Veronica has also presented at EcoSexual events (Portland EcoSex Symposium 2012) and is published with me in the EcoSexuality Book (2014). Veronica’s work is deeply committed to peace and justice. She thinks about and writes about our connections with animals and specifically dogs and Bonobos, as well as our early bonding with pets when we are children.


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I also remembered my friends at Wolf haven. http://wolfhaven.org/



I wanted a little more so I researched and I ran into the following person & media on line:

The films of Elke Duerr & Her non profit org: The Web Of Life


The Web of Life website and organization http://www.weboflifefoundation.net/#intro


Our Mexican Grey Wolves: https://vimeo.com/22182995


A New Story: Bears and Humans: https://vimeo.com/153938080


Our Beautiful Earth: https://vimeo.com/35119772


Sun & Toad; Making a Seed Mandala; https://vimeo.com/34353282


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