Surrender 2015 Photos and Notes

IMG_7592On the ReWilding & Sexual Sovereignty Path during Surrender we discussed that a bowl of lube, intended to be used in self pleasuring was a more powerful  source of wisdom and embodied knowledge than all the books we used to find information about Sumerian and Judaic and Greek Mythologies related to Lilith, Innana and Pan for our path work. I co-taught this path with Christiane Pelmas and Oakry and we taught people how to invoke Lilith and Pan with incense, chanting, visualizations, trance work and sigil magick as well as encouraging them to choose places in the forest to make a nest for embodied erotic self knowledge.

IMG_7582Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, Christiane Pelmas and Oakry relaxing after path work Sat afternoon June 20,2015.

IMG_7590A look at the Lilith altar in front of us.

IMG_7413A pic from Friday Night just before the Ritual on Sexual Sovereignty & Earth Sovereignty which was held in Lilith Forest at the site of the ReWilding Pathwork.


On Friday afternoon I held a spontaneous reading and discussion of my recent article “Mother Loving” written for the Spring ReWilding issue of the RFD in the marketplace


On Friday from 2-3 Lindsay Hagamen and I taught about the Philosophy, ethics and sustainability focus of our forms of EcoSexuality in the plenary session “WTF is EcoSex and How Can it Get Us What We Want?”


This is my favorite picture because of the label on my Witchual Kit. I am drinking a potion sacred to Pan after the end of our ReWilding Path where Oakry did Satyr invocations on the path participants before sending them off to the woods.

IMG_7104I am so grateful to my brother John Noel Ciacchi III for repairing and shipping this golf cart to me. It was once my father’s who used it for his pit crew vehicle when drag racing. It greatly increased my mobility and agency at Surrender and I really enjoyed transporting my friends and helpers in it. Mark got to use it a lot too.IMG_8015Tai Kulystin was a guardian and presenter at Surrender this year! So wonderful to have them with us and fun to give them a ride!

That’s all the pictures I can post for now. We will be figuring out the best way to allow people who attended Surrender access to the photos ASAP. Please be patient with us.

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  1. I would love to attend your next gathering as well as Cascadia Illuminati meetings!
    I will keep following your newsletters and updates.
    I miss you so very much.
    Do you have plans to attend the Esoteric Book Conference next month?

    Much Love,

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