New Moon EcoMagicks Practice for Cascadia

On Jan 15-17, 2016 Benjamin Pixie and I hosted The Quickening: A Wild Gathering of EcoMagicks and 22 people came. We had an amazing, vitalizing experience declaring our love for poetry and bees and each other and mama Gaia. On Saturday night we drank a special mead that had mycelium, bees and Stardust in it and read poetry to the Beloved for hours and hours. One of our goals was to co-create an Ecomagickal practice that could be taken home by any and all of the attendees to their own communities and ritual groups.

We are asking everyone ( everyone who cares to join us) to create a Monthly EcoMagickal practice on the new moon at either Sunrise or Sunset that includes (all or most) of the following elements:

Engage all five of your senses

Connect with the nonhuman world

Send energy to people in the cascadian mycelial network & the mycelial network of your heart, your bloodlines and your magickal lineages

Eat honey, honor bees, eat mushrooms, honor mycelium, be present to the stardust in your bones and blood!

Have everyone bring something to add to a tincture, then ingest it on the following New Moon gathering

A song, dance, poetry, sex

Making love with the wild

Song by Mz Imani

Join our Closed  (but not secret) Facebook group for Quickening NoW

Make Larger announcements to Cascadian Vortex group (join this FB Group too)

On Wed June 15-Sun June 19th attend Surrender the EcoSex Convergence

On the Third week of August: attend Cascadian Vortex fire circle


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