May 18 & 26 Movies by Antero Alli in PDX

Photo Still of Sylvi Alli from 2015 Film By Antero Alli


Since I started having a Living Love Revolution Newsletter  and media stream, (in 2009), I have been using a quote from Antero Alli to anchor it: ” If you are not generating as much media as you are consuming you are in trouble”

Who is this Antero Alli ?, you may wonder. Well, those of us who live in Portland are in for a treat because Antero and his wife Sylvi have moved to Portland recently which means we have the opportunity to watch their movies and attend their classes in person.


Astrologer, Film Maker, Author, Magickian, Paratheatrical Researcher, Artist, Philosopher and Iconoclast: Antero Alli

Antero Alli on Facebook:

 Astrology Readings: 503-299-4064


Paratheatrical practice & Performances:

Here is his vertical pool website with Classes and workshops, books, films and media

FB group about films in PDX:

Vimeo channel:

Portlanders have TWO Opportunities in May to see two of his many films

Wed May 18th 8-10pm At Headwater’s DreamBody/EarthBody: 80 min A paratheatre video document

Wed May 26th The Invisible Forest shows at Clinton St Theater:

For a few examples of why I find Antero’s work so resonant and useful in my life here are two facebook posts he made:

In April 2016:


“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, “Book of Hours” (photo by Sylvi Alli during one of our daily walks in Gabriel Park, SW Portland OR)


on Nov 17. 2015:


“Notes on escapism. Us humans have always, and will always, seek out and invent new ways to alleviate boredom, get high and/or attempt to transcend the banality of our mundane toil. Yet most escape attempts do not, cannot, succeed. So many escape attempts lead to dispersion, regression and/or self-destruction, where no true escape happens at all. If this spiritual need for escape is integral to our human condition, how can we truly escape? Escapism itself is not the problem. The problem is this naive assumption that we can escape from reality. Nobody escapes reality. If we really want to escape, we need only to shift the context from trying to escape from reality towards escaping into reality…to escape into the very heart of our human condition. Escape into reality, not away from it.” Antero Alli



My personal history following Antero Alli stared in the mid 1980’s


I first learned about Antero Alli in the mid 80’s when I read his books Angel Tech and Astrologick. I was thrilled and impressed and learned a lot form his written works. When I moved from Columbia, MO to Eugene, OR in 1989 a lot of my excitement came from knowing that many of the magickal practitioners whom I had followed for years would be more accessible to me. Before long I was traveling to Seattle, Portland and other areas in Cascadia to catch lectures and workshops by Antero Alli and other magickians like my mentor and teacher Leon Reed, Pat Ray/Redwing and the people in the Sylvan and Green Star Groves & The Aquarian Tabernacle Church. I read the Raven chronicles when Antero put it out in the Seattle and Port Townsend areas. I found his article on Animus Altar work in the Green Egg or the Raven Chronicles sometime in the early 90’s and found that it helped me immensely. I began my own practice based on this article and it provided a lot of healing for me personally. My friends Mitch and Lori Stargrove began to mention in 2015 that Antero and Sylvi were possibly moving to Portland from Berkely,CA.  When my current partner Mark Welch and I saw that Antero was offering a special deal to the first 6 Portlanders who registered for his March-May on line course” The Eight Circuit Brain”; we got to meet with him in his home for 2 hours on Sundays to debrief our workings form the class. We jumped on it. So now I am enjoying speaking with him in the class and on line. I am also delighted that we will get to see his movies with him present. I feel so much gratitude for these opportunities! What Blessings!

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