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Mycelium, Bees & Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. What does this mean? In 2009 Reverend Ciacchi began to understand that the kinds of intelligence and wisdom that humans need more of is not being generated only by other humans. She began to see that especially three non-humans had vitally important intelligences to share. She chose to focus on Mycelium, Bees and Stardust as her teachers at that time.

Here is a small update on what we have noticed on how Mycelium, Bees and Stardust are BEING in the multiverse or showing up in human consciousness

 Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.03.32 PM

Mycelium/Mushroom Stream

 “Mycelium are the soil magicians: turning death into fertile loam; transfering resources underground from one being to the next; forming the mycelial mat that sustains us all”

~ Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

Louis Schwartzberg Fantastic Fungi Movie coming “Shroom”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDkR2HIlEbc

Mushroom video: Louie Schwartzberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLsxZegPzm4#t=88.842423

Fantastic Fungi website: http://fantasticfungi.com/

Long Before Trees overtook the land, the earth was ruled by giant mushrooms: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/long-before-trees-overtook-the-land-earth-was-covered-by-giant-mushrooms-13709647/?no-ist

This information was in Paul Stamets 2008 TED talk “Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the Planet’ but it takes a while for regular media to catch up.


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.07.46 AM

Bee Stream

The bees can teach us how to work with our hearts in energetic embodiment practices that bring us together as a functioning focused and loving community. “Bees are the radiant heart field of the Gaiaic Bodies” ~ Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

Hive sculpture gives humans the embodied experience of bee sounds: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/17/sculpture-controlled-by-bees-wolfgang-buttress-hive

Bee songs made in conjunction with this sculpture: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/feb/08/bee-band-the-hive-kev-bales-martin-bencsik-wolfgang-buttress-nottingham-arts-theatre-be-one

A video of music being made at the bee sculpture in Kew gardens, London, UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UevWXcSkiNg#action=share

IMG_2076 IMG_2079

Roslyn Chapel bee sanctuary: https://beelovedflowers.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/rosslyn-chapels-ancient-bee-sanctuary/

Zora Burden; http://wildhunt.org/2016/06/guest-post-reclaiming-the-sexual-self-through-magic-and-ritual-part-one.html

 pan greenman ariadne dionysus jimi hendrix gaia

Stardust Stream

“Understanding that we are channels for the Divine and that we must both re-write and embody new mythologies as well as learn to think and behave constellation-ally is a central part of the Living Love Revolution.” ~ Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

Temple banner Stardust inside Banner 32

Fruit Video Art that is also about loving and sexing female genitalia, how heavenly! http://stephaniesarley.com/

Where to buy molds for Goddess imaged “cakes” to use in rituals dedicated to her: http://imageofthegoddess.com/?page_id=146

So far the easiest place on internet to find peacock clothes in my size; https://www.dahlal.com/categories/off-the-nile/off-the-nile-coordinates/peacock-collection/

Article on how group meditation alters group consciousness:



More Stardust….

Prince still moves me. Here is a new release of a song “from his vaults” The recording starts with a 6 minute introductory ‘rap” a lot of which makes good sense to me. The song One Song starts @6min in and I love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiTvnJ9veEA&index=2&list=RDiiTvnJ9veEA

Interview and performance of Musicology on BET I think from 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-TeaVxcNoU&index=4&list=RDiiTvnJ9veEA



Stardust video:

The Most Astounding Fact by Neil DeGrasse Tyson created by Max Schlickenmeyer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D05ej8u-gU



Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.37.05 AM

LLR Aphrodite Temple: Beauty & Wisdom; Mermaids & Peacocks

Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples are Aphrodisiacal Education Retreats designed as Sacred Sex Magick Rituals. They are dedicated to the experience of Transpersonal Love and creating sex-positive, consent-oriented, queer-centric, and poly-normative sacred space. Open to people of all genders, sexualities, bodies, relationship structures, etc.

Mycelium, Bees, and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. This Summer Temple of Beauty & Wisdom is connected to Stardust and focused on the beauty, majesty, and wisdom of the peacock as well as the waters that help us grow and sustains us. The venue for this temple includes both water and peacocks adding our sensory experience of the weekend! In this temple, we work to create a community and culture based on love that includes love of our own selves and our own bodies as well as extending that love to others and the planet herself (the Gaiaic Body).

Interested in Attending? If you have never attended temple before, we do require a pre-temple interview with a High Priestesses (Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi or Tai Kulystin) to determine if this particular temple is right for you. If you have attended a temple previously, the next step to register is to email LLRAphroditeTemple@gmail.com with your interest. Registration opened June 1, 2016. Spaces are limited to 24. Upon receipt of your interest and payment you will be sent the registration form that will be the final step in registration. Remember, Attendees will be registered in order of deposit payment. If you cannot pay full amount right away, but want to reserve your spot at temple, please contact Temple Manager Reverend Madeline Adams. Tuition is due in full by July 22nd.

Other questions? Feel free to contact our Temple Manager (LLRAphroditeTemple@gmail.com) if you have questions about attending, the process of registration, or anything else. Or call Reverend Ciacchi at 206-612-3511

goat cupid faun Aphrodite

Aphrodite Pandemos This image of Aphrodite Pandemos is by Charles Gleyre from 1854

Pandemos is the aspect of Aphrodite who is for all people (Pan), Here she rides a black goat, in Greek mythology she rode a white male goat. In this painting she is seen following a young male Satyr with a smoking torch and the angelic cherub moving up and away from her in the back left appears to be weeping or holding his face to his hands. I see in this the dualism of patriarchal cultures that split the intact and integrated Divine Feminine into the false dichotomy of the Virgin/Whore complex. This is a short sighted and shallow interpretation. I assert that the Golden One (Aphrodite) can not be cut apart and simultaneously ascended and descended; revered and placed on a white pedestal only to be dragged down and slut shamed after the sex has been had. In Truth, neither Aphrodite Urania, the celestial bearded one, nor Aphrodite Pandemos who consorts with Pan and the chthonic world are subject to the limitations of human capacities and human perceptions. She is a great Mystery and refuses to be known, she must be experienced instead.

Part of the work of building a grassroots livable love revolution is to take sex out of a capitalist framework where people must; be good, be obedient and conform to bigoted size-ist beauty standards in order to be “fuckable” and place love, sex, intimacy and relatedness back in the commons. This year I built an Aphrodite Pandemos shrine in the Commons area of Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence. Love belongs to all of us. Sex belongs to all of us. Intimacy is available to all beings. Take my hand and walk into the commons with me.

The presence of Aphrodite Pandemos in the world can be seen in some of these phenomenon:

World Naked Bike Ride was last Saturday night ( Sat July 25th) in PDX

Mark and I watched for 30 min last night and Mark captured 15 min on video. It was a fun and welcome relief that our progress home was blocked by the bike ride. I had not remembered it was happening and it was right on Woodstock in our neighborhood. We had just gone out to se the Movie The Lobster as a date and the movie was so grim we were both a bit disturbed, only to be saved by the real world experience of hundreds and hundreds of naked people riding bikes so “loudly” that we had to watch and enjoy it. I love portland and I love living in Woodstock!

Here is a video about World Naked Bike Ride that started in PDX in 2004 and has grown to become an international yearly event: https://vimeo.com/65591403

Aphrodite Pandemos is also seen in the prevalence of queerness and its shifting identities

Queer performance art from straight male politicians!!!! (SQUEE!)



“What does it mean to identify as queer” http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/what-does-it-mean-to-identify-as-queer/51bb5c372b8c2a1bc40000d5


“What does it mean to be queer?”


Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre1912Possession



Here is the best of the media consumed and created by Living Love Revolution in the past month

Beautiful, disturbing and awe-some art from the Cabinet of the Solar Plexus fb page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Cabinet-of-the-Solar-Plexus-387452732600/


Two posts I lifted from the Cabinet of the Solar Plexus on Novalis & Remy De Gourmont

Novalis, author , poet and philosopher, May 2, 1772, Wiederstedt, Germany

“When geometric diagrams and digits
Are no longer the keys to living things,
When people who go about singing or kissing
Know deeper things than the great scholars,
When society is returned once more
…To unimprisoned life, and to the universe,
And when light and darkness mate
Once more and make something entirely transparent,
And people see in poems and fairy tales
The true history of the world,
Then our entire twisted nature will turn
And run when a single secret word is spoken.”

– Novalis (translated by Robert Bly)


Portrait of Remy de Gourmont by Hélène Dufau

Remy De Gourmont, critic, writer and poet, April 4, 1858, Argentan, France

”There are two ways of thinking. Either you accept current ideas and associations of ideas, just as they are, or you undertake to form new associations or, what is rarer, original associations of ideas. An intelligence capable of such efforts is, more or less, according to the degree, abundance, and variety of other gifts, a creative intelligence. It is a matter of either conceiving new relationships among old ideas and images, or of separating old ideas, old images united by tradition, and considering them one by one, being free to rework them and arrange an infinite number of new couplings which a new operation will disunite once again until new ties, always fragile and equivocal, are formed.” Excerpt from ‘Decadence and Other Essays on the Culture of Ideas’

Image: Portrait of Remy de Gourmont by Hélène Dufau

Astrology predicts a love revolution: https://empowerastrology.org/2016/06/18/get-ready-for-the-love-revolution-full-moon-in-sagittarius-20th-june/

Oh Joy Sex Toy By Erika Moen recommends fat positive sex comic by Sarah Winifred Searle: https://bitchmedia.org/article/oh-joy-sex-toy-finding-fat-postive-sexuality




KQED Arts Newsletter made a 3 min video about EcoSexuality Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens: https://ww2.kqed.org/arts/2016/06/21/ecosex-artists-transform-mother-earth-into-lover-earth/



WTF is EcoSex Still

Here I am reposting the Video Lindsay and I made from Surrender 2015


 “WTF is EcoSex? And How Can It Get Us What We Want”
Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence is a yearly gathering of people who identify as EcoSexuals. We spent $200 creating and creating and editing the video. We are making it available by donations. Please consider donating so we can make more videos about ecosexuality!
“WTF? Is EcoSex and How Can It Get Us What We Want?” with event co-creators Lindsay Hagamen and Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi is a video of the plenary session delivered on June 16, 2015. They explain the foundational values and ethics of the EcoSex identity from their personal experiences and the reasons why they are dedicated to this movement for human evolution and planetary relatedness. Surrender: The EcoSex Convergence began in 2013 and is now in its 4th year. Check out the website athttp://www.ecosexconvergence.org
Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi is the matrix of http://www.LivingLoveRevolution.com, Lindsay Hagamen is a member of the Windward Sustainability Institute at http://www.windward.org


And speaking of Surrender, Our photographer this year was Sheena Davis and she is one amazing woman. I checked out her website, (which by the way is where those of you who attended Surrender will be able to view all the photos she took) , and found an amazing portrait series called American Squalor which starts out with this image:


And lastly I am going on vacation for 3 weeks and returning just in time for our July Aphrodite Temple of Wisdom, Beauty, Peacocks and Mermaids, so I will leave you with this photo of me as the Peacock Fairy:


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