Living Love Revolution Summer Offerings 2019

Fairy & Human Relations Congress

June 27- July 1 2019 Skalitude Retreat Center, Twisp. WA

“EcoMagicks: Working with the Land, The Ancestors and Deities” ~ Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

“There is no war except the war against the Imagination and all other wars are subsumed in it.” — Diane di Prima Rant

How do we effectively call out to the land and listen to its responses? How do we responsively court spirits of place? How do we communicate with our ancestors? How do we begin to take responsibility for the impacts of those humans whose bloodlines we inherited? Can we heal the epigenetic traumas lodged in our bodies and in the land? Why work with deity in the first place? Reverend Ciacchi will share some of the exercises and daily practices she has created that answers these and other questions. She will facilitate a sacred safer/braver space for the sharing of our personal experiences with Land spirits, human and non-human Ancestors and Deities. This class involves experiential learning as we will dance, make altars, give offerings and sing songs.

Ecomagicks are a variety of ritual techniques and somatic “ways of being” that include poetry, song, movement, and invocation. These techniques expand our capacity to experience phenomena that occur both outside our physical bodies in the real and palpable worlds of Nature (the bodies of Gaia) and inside our consciousness, altering our inner worlds of perception and imagination.

  Gaian Mind Psychedelics Conference

July 20-21 2019 Portland, OR   $55

“Queer Ritual & Consent Protocols for Group Sex Magic & Entheogen Use.” ~ Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi and Ian Mae

We are presenting on Sunday morning July 21st

So you want to have a gender fluid consensual group experience that involves sex & drugs? How can you do that successfully in a safer/braver container, with everyone’s fully informed enthusiastic consent? We begin with a few premises: 1) there are essential ritual protocols that must be put in place in order for a sacred set and setting to be present 2) group sex magic & group entheogen explorations are both portals to evolutionary, transformational societal change. We will share some of our group dynamics processes for creating queer-centric, poly-normative Temporary Autonomous Zones for rituals. We will discuss why and how ritual containers help humans stay “right sized” while traversing the unseen worlds and liminal realms brought to us by merging with entheogens. We will share our understanding of the potency and potential of group work as differentiated from working in 1:1 dyads. We will share the definitions of consent and the safer/braver space protocols developed and used by the Living Love Revolution® Aphrodite Temple® system. We look forward to sharing our embodied expertise on these topics and are open to vibrant respectful exchanges about your 1st hand experiences.

I made this lovely collage May 2019: The Bee Queen offers us her heart

Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple Golden Hive Heart

August 9-11th Newberg , OR   $500-$750

Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple is an Aphrodisiacal Education Weekend Retreat designed as a Sacred Sex Magick Ritual dedicated to the experience of Transpersonal Love and creating sex-positive, consent-oriented, queer-centric, and poly-normative sacred space.

Aphrodite Temple is a quarterly opportunity to practice creating a community of Aphrodisiacal culture where we agree to investigate and explore our own needs for touch and intimacy while holding exquisite space for each of us to explore desire as it naturally arises in our bodies. It is open to people of all sexes, genders, sexualities, bodies, and relationship structures.

Registration For August 9-11 Aphrodite Temple of the Golden Hive Heart is open

Send an email to to express interest and schedule your Temple screening interview.

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