Fall 2016 Numen Naturae: The Magician’s Wand

Teri shows off her published article in Casandra John’s Numen Naturae: The Magician’s Wand Book Sept 2016


I am delighted and beyond proud to share my essay of Magickal instruction: “The Line, The Cross and the Circle: How Magick Begins” in Casandra Johns newly published Book Numen Naturae: The Magician’s Wand. Casandra edited and did the graphic design for the book under her newly established business: House of Hands. You can buy a copy of this book for $30 right here 

It is a limited first edition run for 100 books, each of these books includes a hand printed tarot card, which Casandra created on her table top printing press. The book is beautiful. Casandra has a very specific and refined sense of design. My book arrived in the mail carefully wrapped in brown paper and with a business card centered to the package and a hand written note on the wrapping. 

Read a review of the entire book from Hearth Side Healing. Here is what it says about my piece:

“Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi writes the next chapter and talks about the practice of creating a consecrated circle for doing magical work.  Ciacchi then goes on to write out a meditation to ground one’s energy in preparation for ritual and spellwork.  She guides us through visualization and breathing techniques to connect us to celestial and chthonic energies.  The next part describes the work of “Cross” work, – “establishing and extending a resonant heart field in our own bodies.”  And finally she describes the process of establishing the energetic boundaries by casting a circle.  In her words “The Magician attempts to take a personally held belief and intention, charge it with desire, and move the desired outcome out and away from themselves so that the goal materializes in the consensually shared world.”    This whole piece is central to this book as it describes the practice of creating the space to do magickal work.”