Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training


What would it be like to become a Transpersonal resource of Love for your communities?

Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training is offered to those who have attended at least one Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Tempe and then feel called to develop themselves and be of service to both the Goddess Aphrodite and the Aphrodite Temple events as run by Living Love Revolution.

If these conditions apply to you and you want to know more, please make an appointment with Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi to discuss the beginning of your training. Priestesses in Training (we use “priestess” regardless of your gender identity), make a mutually agreed upon monthly tithe of services or donations to the Living Love Revolution Church in exchange for their training.

Please see our Aphrodite Temple website to get more info about Temple events

What Priestess Training Offers you:

  • Access to monthly hour-long sessions of 1:1 training with Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi MSW focused on your personal spiritual development and self-love*
  • A workable definition of love that can be lived as a spiritual path
  • A palpable change in your experience of yourself as loveable and loving
  • The ability to identify, distinguish and clear trauma within your own psyche related to past incidents of intimacy and sexuality and eventually the ability to be a resource for others to clear such traumas
  • Embodiment practices (meditation, grounding, anchoring, guided visualizations, tantra and consort exercises) that you can do at your own pace and use to design your own daily spiritual practices
  • Regular attendance at Temples gives you reliable access to experiencing a shame free and liberating social context for love, sensuality and sexuality.
  • Regular attendance at temples and the Priestess Training curriculum gives you the opportunity to look within yourself identify and choose to develop a calm and connect circuitry in your own body and the ability to extend this to others at will
  • Knowledge that there is a Temple in your future (no more than 4 months away), which gives you reliable access to meeting some of your needs for touch, supportive loving companionship and positive regard from others
  • Regular embodied experience of your own Immanence, techniques for reliable access to Deity
  • The ability to identify and experience the presence of Aphrodite through: 1) familiarity with her mythology and symbolism 2) awareness of her as an archetype for psychological integration and 3) direct experience of her as a primordial force of Nature.
  • Extensive Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple Bibliography
  • Academic & special interest articles on the herstory/history and context of Aphrodite Temples, the Sacred Whore Archetype & relevant Goddess Theaology resources
  • Knowledge of current day practitioners of Sex Magick, Left hand path Tantra practitioners, Sacred Intimate Tantra practitioners, sexological bodyworkers , Sexologists and elders in these communities across the globe, including possible introduction to those practitioners in the course of your training
  • Contact with members of established Esoteric orders in the Pacific North West and information about their events
  • Contact with members of established Intentional Communities in Cascadia and their events
  • Access to The following LLR Curriculum at discounted costs: Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling, 8 week on line Sacred Sexuality course, Anchoring training, LLR Wicca 101, Restoring Sexual Sovereignty and more
  • Early personal invitations to temples and other exclusive LLR events
  • Information about cutting edge technologies and healing modalities relevant to Sacred Sexuality and Left Hand Tantra as they emerge
  • Access to Living Love Revolution media, blogs, podcasts, chants, songs, poetry and curriculum shortly after they emerge/are transmitted/are created

When you attend an Aphrodite Temple at a level above Novice You will also receive:

  • A 50% discount for Temple registration cost
  • Accommodations at event venue & Priestess oxytocin generating exercises Thursday nights before Temples begin
  • 2 Hour classes on Fridays before Temples begin focused on Special themes of Temple
  • Hands on Experience Friday from 10am-5pm setting up Temple, creating altars, participating in Spa and beautification activities & all other event preparations
  • Priestess only Debriefing of Temple on Sunday from 3-5pm
  • Training in how to facilitate group intimacy and design programs for Sacred Sexual Healing
  • Coaching and support for starting or continuing a private practice that offers all these skills to others
  • Training in basic Wiccan and pagan practices that include but are not limited to Evocation, Invocation, writing liturgy, casting circles, calling Elementals and channeling Deity.
  • Learning to develop effective registration process and all the technologies an managerial skills involved in finding and developing venues, building community and providing support for potential Temple events & attendees