Connections & Resources

Co-Creators of Living Love Revolution!

Tai Fenix Kulystin
Gender & Intimacy Coach, Educational Erotic Bodyworker, and Sacred Sexuality Guide

Henry “Oakry” Welch
Anchor & Priest in our Aphrodite Temples

Lance DeMuth Yoga & Ritual Instruction (717) 991-7215
Yogi (Yoga Teacher) and Inspired Mystic

Resources for Ritual & Healing

Kathy McKeever Urban Caldron: Tarot readings & Ritual (206)245-4864

Nekole Shapiro

Melissa Rosenberg, MS, EAMP The Golden Lyre

Jessa Fasel founder and High Priestess of Chalice Heart Coven, a branch of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, ATC.

Noal Fox-Stern M.A. (ISP) & Certified Hypnotherapist (360)441-4444

Zak Plum

Ray Charles Robbins, MHP (206)679-0908

Priya Kendrick Relax Massage

Luminara Sedar BS, MBA, NMT: Return to Health

Blood Relatives

My little sister Geri’s band: Ball & Chain Janis Joplin Tribute

Tantra, Sexology, & Intimacy Coaches and Resources

Robyn Lynn The Present Sense (206) 579-2603

Liam “Captain” Snowdon Elemental Sexology

Julie Hekate Roots of Ecstasy

David Cates Deep Masculine
Seattle LOVE Council, Love Tribe, Tantric Master, Shadow Doctor, Bliss Generator, Holistic Healer

Allena Gabosch and the Center for Sex Positive Culture

Helen Finch MS (206) 914-1176 Queer Women’s Tantra

Queer Sacred Intimate Tantra Training

Manuel Gomes Phd & WIISH: Washington Institute for Intimacy and Sexual Health

Other Nodes in the Mycellial Mat

EcoSex Convergence


Nomenus & Wolf Creek Sanctuary

Queer Magic Cauldron

Oxytocin Acre