Cascadian New & Full Moon EcoMagick Practice PDX


I will post an ongoing log of our New Moon Cascadian EcoMagick suggested activities here.

Cascadia New & Full Moon EcoMagick Practices

How do you honor the full & new moon and embody EcoMagick in Cascadia?

Monday, April 10 – Full Moon in Libra
Teri will be bottling and labeling aphrodisiacs and ancestral healing oils.

Wednesday, April 26 – New Moon in Taurus
Teri will be starting a new credit history by using her first credit card in 20 years.

Sunday, March 12 – Full Moon in Virgo
Teri will be practicing sex magic at the Temple of Erotic Alchemy.

Monday, March 27 – New Moon in Aries
Teri will be starting a new cycle of ancestry work focusing on her mother’s mother’s lineage, & decanting an aphrodisiac potion.

For the Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Friday February 10, Teri will be making aphrodisiacs for the Poetry & Snuggle EcoSex Salon that evening.


During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon is covered by the faint, outer part of the Earth’s shadow. During the next full moon on 10th/11th February 2017, this can be seen all over Europe and Africa, and both in parts of Asia, and North and South America. In comparison to a total or partial lunar eclipse, there is only a steady obscuration visible, instead of a shadow. More info on this eclipse from NASA.

Magha Puja in Southeast Asia
Magha Puja is a Buddhist holiday that is celebrated in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, on the day of the full moon, in the third month of the Thai moon calendar, in February/March.

Sunday February 26th New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Below are activities from the now passed moons of 2016

Tuesday December 13th, Full Moon in Gemini

Thursday December 29,  New Moon in Capricorn

Thursday January 12 Full Moon in Cancer

Saturday January 28 New Moon in Aquarius

For the December Gemini Full Moon, I plan to meditate on the meaning of apocalypse, or unveiling, and make potions that help us welcome and fall in love with hidden aspects of ourselves and each other.

For the December Capricorn New Moon, I will meditate on planting new seeds and spores of liberty in all its diverse forms, so that fascism has no place to take root in our region. Any weeds in my garden will be uprooted, and the beds tended.

For the January Cancer Full Moon, I will dance with my body (as I am able) and with my energies in celebration of the life force that I receive with every breath

For the January Aquarius New Moon, join me in making an offering of gratitude for having pure Cascadian waters to drink, and I will swim and soak and bathe.

Full Moon in Taurus Nov 14, 2016. I made a special aphrodisiac potion for my ancestors adding herbs and roots that aligned with my Great Aunt Maria Mariani Giudi’s sigil. For Potency: Ashwaganda grown in Portland. For Sapienza/Wisdom: Rosemary from Sarabell’s hoome at Foster Village and for Amore/Love: Roses from Song of Stardust House. I added pomegranate for my ancestry as my grandmother always had them at Christmas. I have added photos of the sigil and the potion below:

ancestorpomegranate ancestoraphrodisiac2 ancestoraphrodisiac1

The sigil found inside of Great Aunt Maria's palmistry book
The sigil found inside of Great Aunt Maria’s palmistry book

New Moon Nov 29th 2016

Full Moon Fri Sept 16th (see the seerate special event for healing my neck)

New Moon Sat Oct 1st  Let’s do something fabulous together on the astral! How about committing to do ancestor magick and “cleaning up” the hungry ghosts in our bloodline by making an ancestor altar and learning how to connect with our own lineages. See events and blogs about Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Medicine work.

Full Moon Sun Oct 16th Dance, Sing, Love! All in the name of the Goddess !

New Moon (Blue Moon) Oct 30th Just in time for Samhain, a great way to deepen the Ancestor work begun at the new moon is to build a Samhain Ancestor altar! See upcoming events for time with me at Song of Stardust house.




I spent the August and Sept 1st New Moons of 2016 Focused on healing and mending my neck. I have been exploring the use of chinese herbs and medical marijuana for healing. I have been drinking smoothies with collagen and maca and abstaining from coffee.

Hello Sibling Cascadians, What are your plans for the upcoming New Moon in Cancer on July 4th? I will be making salves from Cottonwood trees and other anti-inflammatory herbs to take to my family in July. I will be singing songs and chants that make magic. I will also be thinking of you and sending radiant Golden Waves of light and resonance. What magickal practices are you inventing?



Hello Sibling Cascadians, What are your plans for the upcoming New Moon in Saggitarius on July 4th? I will be making salves from Cottonwood trees and other anti-inflammatory herbs to take to my family in July. I will be singing songs and chants that make magic. I will also be thinking of you and sending radiant Golden Waves of light and resonance. What magickal practices are you inventing?

What will you do for our upcoming New Moon in Taurus on May 6th ?

I will be beginning a more serious level of magickal work focused on my own Ancestors. I have booked a session with Daniel Foor on that day. Here is my blog about his Ancestral Medicine working

On the April 7th  New Moon I will chanted and played songs from the Quickening and I decanted the batch of Aphrodisiacs I made on March’s new moon to sell at April 16 & 17 NW Magic Conference  and otherwise disperse as I teach and play throughout Cascadia. I will send a prayer and magickal intention to help Mark Welch find a safe place to sleep during his ongoing commute for work in Seattle. I will see if I can catch a few songs to become chants for Surrender. I will also drive to Ashland, OR with a friend to catch the Exploring Psychedelics conference.

On March 9th New Moon, I made up 5 new quarts of Aphrodisiacs: Two are  brand new!

Awaken the Beast features: Yohimbe, American Ginseng, Guarana, Licorice, cacao, sandalwood and cassia bark.

Mystery of Love features: Tonka beans, roses, maca and nutmeg.

I also recreated 4 of my favorites from 2015:

Flowering Star which highlights Lavender, Rose, Vanilla & Maca

Aphrodite Chthonia which has 13 ingredients and leans on Damiana, Cacoa and Cinnamon

Blossoming Heart Includes Damiana, Lavender, Bergamont & Roses

and finally Love Potion #9 with Rose, Cacao & Vanilla

I am very grateful to Casandra Mae who has been my medicine making mentor and guide. David Chandler was an incredibly helpful assistant and make the experience a lot of fun.

H0027-L17063446 copy

On Feb 8th 2016 I was teaching a Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling class. In order to integrate the EcoMagick I did the following: I began the class by playing Mz. Imani’s They Dreamt of Us . I made and served “Cascadia Tea” ( a decoction of Cedar tips gathered in my neighborhood by Mushroom Jordan Weiss, added to the turkey tail mushrooms growing on stumps in my yard mixed with Benjamin Pixie wild rose honey.) I passed around a LLR Self-Love tincture with locally grown Ashwaganda, and rosehips. I mentioned this practice and encouraged others to participate.H0027-L17063446 copy

On Jan 15-17, 2016 Benjamin Pixie and I hosted The Quickening: A Wild Gathering of EcoMagicks and 22 people came. We had an amazing, vitalizing experience declaring our love for poetry and bees and each other and mama Gaia. On Saturday night we drank a special mead that had mycelium, bees and Stardust in it and read poetry to the Beloved for hours and hours. One of our goals was to co-create an Ecomagickal practice that could be taken home by any and all of the attendees to their own communities and ritual groups.

We are asking everyone ( everyone who cares to join us) to create a Monthly EcoMagickal practice on the new moon at either Sunrise or Sunset that includes (all or most) of the following elements:

Engage all five of your senses

Connect with the nonhuman world

Send energy to people in the cascadian mycelial network & the mycelial network of your heart, your bloodlines and your magickal lineages

Eat honey, honor bees, eat mushrooms, honor mycelium, be present to the stardust in your bones and blood!

Have everyone bring something to add to a tincture, then ingest it on the following New Moon gathering

A song, dance, poetry, sex

Making love with the wild

Song by Mz Imani

Join our Closed  (but not secret) Facebook group for Quickening NoW

Make Larger announcements to Cascadian Vortex group (join this FB Group too)

On Wed June 15-Sun June 19th attend Surrender the EcoSex Convergence

On the Third week of August: attend Cascadian Vortex fire circle