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Cascadian Illuminati
Upcoming Portland Cascadian Illuminati Meetings:

 Portland, OR 

This group is taking a break and will be regathering at some unknown time. When I hear from them I will report it here.

I did hear a tasty rumour that Chris Poor will be facilitating an experiential  Hermetic magic course Starting November 15th at Song of Stardust house.

Join us for merriment, drinking and occult conversations later in the year!

The originating Chapter in Seattle

What is The Ordo Perfectibilis in Cascadia also known as Cascadian Illuminati?
The purpose of the Cascadian Illuminati is two-fold.
First and foremost we seek to create a broader sense of community among people of various Esoteric groups and traditions. Inspired by the sense of camaraderie, fellowship and goodwill seen at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle the Cascadian Illuminati seeks to encourage cross-pollination of ideas, forming of friendships and fellowship among esotericists and occultists of all stripes and affiliations.

The secondary purpose of the Cascadian Illuminati is specifically to discuss and share ideas on how to use magick and personal insight to improve the world around us without creating a specific dogma as to what form such improvement should take. It is to encourage a broader participation in the world as incarnate beings of purpose and will.There are currenty three chapters in Seattle, Porltand and Victoria BC, Canada.

Pdx Cascadian Illuminati inauguration
Stian of the Seattle chapter issuing a certificate to Mark & Wesley in Portland 2013

Seattle Krampuslauf Cascadian Illuminati 12 2013

On Dec 7th 2013 Seattle Chapter held a Krampuslauf pub crawl and we attended!