April 14, 2017 – EcoSex Salon at Song of Stardust House, PDX

EcoSex Salon
Friday April 14
7-10pm $10-$20 NOTAFLOF
Song of Stardust House | 5234 SE 54th Portland, OR 97206
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Does Wildness open your heart? Does being in the forest, ocean, mountains and other natural environments enliven you? Do you find encountering the “more than human” other beings satisfying and delightful?

Gather with other people who experience sensuality and sexual expression as an extension of their longing for, and desire for communion with the mystery and majesty of Nature. Discuss the philosophies and experiences of EcoPhilosophy, EcoPsychology and EcoSexuality.

We provide a comfortable space for facilitated consentual cuddling, original works of poetry and essays (and our favorite writings by others). Tea, light snacks and open minded, relaxed space for curious inclusive conversations about what we are up to.

Funds raised will go towards the EcoSex Convergence scholarship fund.

More info about Surrender: ecosexconvergence.org