Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events List:

Our 2017 Spring EcoSex Salon Series is offered monthly Jan-May to building community and scholarship monies around EcoSex philosophy and embodiment practices as related to the annual Surrender: The EcoSex convergence event. Reverend Ciacchi offers talks and embodiment practices from The Living Love Revolution. Lindsay Hagamen shares insights from her life at Windward Sustainability research farm. Arun, Madeline Adams and other ecoSex performers will be joining us and performing EcoSexual acts. Keep an eye out for Offerings for the rest of the year!

Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples occur quarterly and offer an opportunity for group sacred sexual healing experiences.  February 17-19th and May 16-18th is our next public temples. February theme is “Breath & Embodiment”… Full details here.

Surrender: EcoSex Convergence is a yearly opportunity to gather with other lovers of Earth for an entire 5 days in a private oak and pine forest. This year’s event is June 14-19th. Registration will open on March 1, 2017. We are busy setting up the programming and path workings for you now.

The Surrender 2016 event was held on June 15-19th. Lindsay and Teri are busy femmifesting their vision for next year with other co-creators and generators of EcoSex culture. Watch for the photos from the fabulous Sheena Davis!

Cascadian Illuminati meetings offer magickal people a monthly time and place to network and gather around using magick to forward community and human evolution. Our location and format changes regularly so be sure to look on this website and facebook for the monthly “what is so”. Going on Haitus for Summer 2016 we will regroup and post about our meetings in Spring 2017.