Upcoming Aphrodite Temples



Living Love Revolution  Aphrodite Temples 2017 Dates

Temples are three day Aphrodisiacal Education Retreats for adults. They are Sex Magick Rituals held in sacred space in beautiful environments. Our facilitators are experienced magical practitioners who are skilled trauma awareness, healing modalities and verbal consent protocols. We are dedicated to generating the experience of Transpersonal Love and creating sex-positive, body-sovereign, consent-oriented, queer-centric, and poly-normative sacred space. People of all bodies, ethnicities, relationship statuses, sexual preferences and identities are welcome



January 5-8th LLR Priestess only Aphrodite Temple

Song of Stardust House in SE PDX

This teaching Temple gives all the priestesses in training the opportunity to lead parts of the temple program in a relaxed and loving atmosphere. Initiations are also done at this time for those priestesses who have completed the on line course of study. Imago Dei or image of God will be the focus here, where do our ideas and images of Aphrodite come from. Can we generate our own?



February 17-19th 2017
 LLR Aphrodite Temple of Breath & Embodiment
House of Breath Beaverton, Oregon  $350-$500
Three days of breath and embodiment experiences with deity invocation that bring you into your own understanding of body sovereignty and desire. Exquisitely facilitated by Priestesses who hold a safe and consent based container for participants. Registration opens on December 12th. Call Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi 206-612-3511 to start registration by scheduling a screening call.

May 12-14th 2017
Spring LLR Aphrodite Temple

Registration will open in February


alchemyTai Kulystin has successfully hived off to create The Temple of Erotic Alchemy. The next TEA will be the 3 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays March 2017 ( 10&11, 17 &18 and 24 & 25) For more information visit www.TempleOfEroticAlchemy.com