The Golden Hive: Building Community from the Royal Self

Golden HiveThe Golden Hive: Building Community From the Royal Self
with Kirsten Love Lauzon, Melissa Rosenberger, and Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi

This course will be redesigned and taught again in future. It was first taught at this date and time:

Saturday January 14th 2010, 12pm-6pm, $50-150*
at Om Culture 2210 N. Pacific St., Seattle, WA

Come “gather the nectars of life” by embodying the collective Hive Heart. We start by identifying and invoking the Royal Self inside us. From this spacious centered place we move into a group connection thriving with life force.The Golden Hive plays with energy as grounding, movement, resonant sound, and dance. Using EcoMagicks we explore ways to merge with Nature that remind us of our own nature. What is our authentic nature? The Hive Heart says: divine, interconnected, generative, sensual, and dynamic. Through the Nature Constellation Process we will feel into the question: “How can we be of service to the Universal Hive Heart?”, imaging ourselves as a harmonious whole.

* Living Love Revolution is transitioning into a New Culture Gift Economy and always uses a sliding scale for events. What this means is that you choose the amount you can afford and feel is workable for you between $50-$150. The workshop is 6 hours long and facilitated by 3 women. All three of us have private practices and use Shamanic techniques that are self directed based on a synthesis of both academic and grass roots technologies. All three of us have spent years and a lot of time and money getting degrees, certificates and special training. We walk our talk and live modest lifestyles that put love before money. If you wish to attend but cannot afford $50 contact Teri the day before the workshop (call her at 206 612-3511 on Jan 13th) to offer a service or skill trade of equivalent value.)

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