CLITeracy Salons

CLITeracy Salons happen a few weeks before the Clitoral Revelations class and are designed to be an introduction to that class.

Open to all sexes, genders, and orientations that are interested in the clitoral complex and the center of the Yoniverse! 18+

Date  & location to be announced
7pm – 9pm
$5-10 donation requested.


CLITeracy salons are a great way for people who have taken Clitoral Revelations to bring their friends into the conversation, and to offer people who are interested in taking the class an opportunity to answer questions or concerns they may have about what happens in the class.

Got CLITeracy? Let’s take a look at “what we don’t know we don’t know” about the clitoris. Honoring, Witnessing, Celebration this is what human beings yearn for when they turn to each other for physical intimacy. Honoring, being regarded as worthy, valuable and yes, holy. Witnessing, being seen, being accepted and just simply being with. Celebration delight, dancing in the magnetism and radiance of attraction. Sex and Sensuality can contain these qualities. It is difficult to honor, witness and celebrate our sexual self expression when we are uncomfortable with or confused by our partners’ bodies. CLITeracy salons and the Clitoral Revelations classes provide a comfortable relaxed environment where you can get clear and accurate information about the anatomy of female pleasure from women who are grounded in their own sacredness. I provide a safe and heart centered space for you to ask questions and get answers or simply be in a place of inquiry and exploration as you listen to others.