Special End of Summer 2016 LLR report Part 1


Car Accident! Neck Surgery? Computer harddrive wiped*#! PART ONE

So much has happened to me since Surrender ended on June 19th!

I traveled from Portland to Boulder, Co, July 1-10 took a round trip flight out of Denver to spend a week with my family of origin in North Ridgeville, Ohio July 11-18th and drove back from Boulder through Colorado and Utah on July 18-21st.

High Speed Hit & Run Car accident…

Several of you have heard this story, so you can skip forward if you like. At 8:05pm on Wed July 20th I was driving westward on HWY 84 in Idaho near mile marker 9 (almost to the OR/ID border). I had just put on a Macy Gray song and was singing along loudly. I had set my cruise control to 77mph (because ID has 80 mph speed limit and I was trying to get around trucks but not go top speed). I was in the left hand lane in the process of passing a semi truck, almost even with the bright red cab of the truck. I looked in the rear view mirror and was astonished to see the contorted facial expression of a woman who appeared to be broadcasting the sensation “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!” at me as she rammed her white Honda hatchback into the rear of my car. Her car bounced backwards for a moment. My neck was slightly turned to the right and up as I looked into the rear view mirror. I had not seen this person and I estimate that they were driving between 85-90mph or I would have seen them as they approached. I had a very odd/surreal experience then, (which I now believe was shock), within the next few moments several things appeared to me: I swore, “What the fuck are you doing?” I felt the presence of my dead father heard his voice say “Don’t Brake”. I saw myself in the middle of an immense toroid vortex and intuited a choice point that felt like this statement: “this is only one reality”. I understood that the rest of this knowing was, “of a multitude of realities”. I blinked, I accelerated and got in front of the semi. I watched the woman in the white car pass me and I shouted again “What the hell is wrong with you” as I watched her continue on the highway and crowd another car into the right lane, now in front of me. My right hand reached into my open basket purse and found a pen, I said out loud “paper paper” and found a box of cigarettes and tore off the top. I did my best to commit the license plate number to memory as I watched the white car disappear between another car and semi on the hwy now almost 1/4 mile in front of me. I wrote down what I could recall of the license plate on the inside of the box top. Having achieved this task I looked around to see if any one else driving on the highway had experienced this incident. No one slowed down and I could not slow down as I was now between two semi trucks traveling over 70 mph. I still felt incredulous, did that just happen? I wondered if I was in a movie or a video game. I was confused. I picked up my phone, put it on speaker and called 911 to report that there was a dangerous person driving recklessly on the highway. The 911 operator wanted to now where I was and why i was still driving. I waited to pass a mile marker, there it was 7 (A number often assigned to the Star Goddess or Aphrodite in magickal systems). I explained that if I slowed down to the shoulder I would likely spin out or hit the metal railing and that I could not slow down until there was more distance between me and the semis. She instructed me to pull off at Exit 3 and that the sheriff’s would meet me at the gas station/convenience store there to take my report.

I pulled up to the convenience store and parked the car and lit a cigarette, I was shaking. I could not believe that I was alive, that I had not hit the semi truck. How could someone hit me at such a high speed and not have killed me? How did she drive on past me? What was going on? I called my brother and told him about the experience of hearing my father’s voice. Two Payette Idaho County Sheriffs showed up, complete with tan uniforms, hats and badges. They were an interesting pair: a younger 40ish one, over 6′ tall, Mr. McDonald was sporting a Tom Selleck mustache and a swagger, the older man in his 60’s quite a bit shorter with a wizened look to his crow’s foot eyes, later explained that they were partners and he was about to retire and so was training Mr McDonald. They approached me simultaneously from both sides of my car. It was still over 80 degrees at @8:30pm. I saw them looking in my car and taking in my hot pink hair and the pile of spent coconut water cans and other trash from consumed items. It was an interesting conversation that lasted for about an hour with breaks as they took information from me and went back to their car for dispatches. Although they started the conversation with disbelief and skepticism; Their opening lines went something like this – Now mam, usually when we receive 911 emergency calls from the highway our phone lines “light up” , but yours is the only call we received about this incident. (what kind of phones do they have at the Payette County Sheriff;s office I remember thinking). I also had a few moments of feeling completely insane, Did I make the entire incident up? It did seem to deny the laws of physics. Then I remembered the face in the mirror and I asked the Sheriff’s to look with me at the back of my vehicle for damage. There was very little damageto the bumper and then we looked at the trailer hitch and saw that it was covered with metal shavings and white paint shards.

I remembered the impression I had of the vehicle bouncing backwards after it hit me. I had the trailer hitch installed at the local Uhaul shop in the beginning of June. It was solid steel and it was attached it to my cars frame so I could use it to pull a trailer with my dad’s golf cart on it to Windward for use during Surrender. It seemed that the reason the car had not sustained more damage, there were scraps on the bumper and the bumper stickers and the left side was lower by only 1/4″.

After the Sherif’s received a report from the OR HWY patrol that a car resembling my description was found abandoned on the side of the road 13 miles into OR, the situation got even more surreal. The woman was no where to be found and the car was full of drugs so they declared the vehicle abandoned and took it into custody for evidence.

There is more to tell: about how I was afraid of driving on the highway and still had 5 hours of driving before getting to portland; about not being able to find a hotel in Ontario OR because of the gun show until I passed a small motel with a peacock on the counter, about taking the car to the Jiffy Lube to get it checked out and the mechanics being impressed I was alive, about how Alena Braud talked to me for 3 hours as I drove and ultimately rescued me when I pulled the car over outside Cascade Locks to have it towed the rest of the way home. I am tired of typing as this is a great physical effort for me and I have borrowed a computer to do it on. I will write again soon and give you all the info about my impending neck surgery and need for help in the recovery process. Thanks for being interested in my life and work.

This life is amazing and I know I experienced a miracle. It’s caused me to slow way down. I am so grateful to be alive.

2 thoughts on “Special End of Summer 2016 LLR report Part 1

  1. I’m so grateful you are alive too Teri. Such craziness about. I found this quote this morning and I thought to myself how applicable it is not just for individuals but this whole freaking circus: “It is important to remember that at first flush, going sane feels just like going crazy”- Julia Cameron
    Sending you lots of healing love. So happy you are safe.

    1. Thank You Sara, I want to set up a video chat with you so we can stay connected and to explore the possibility of having youattend Surrender 2017 and import your Zendo skills into our community. Please let me know of good times to contact you. i will be emailing you as well.

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