May 5-7th Ancestor Work/Sessions with Daniel Foor


Daniel Foor of  Ancestral Medicine  Classes & Sessions in Portland May 5-7th 2016

An amazing amount of synchronicity and series co-incidences has led me to a place where I am hosting Daniel Foor’s on Friday May 6th in Song of Stardust House (5234 SE 54th Ave, where I live with Mark Welch) so that  he can do sessions while he is here in Portland. I will announce his events first and then add a bit about the synchronicity at the end


Thurs May 5th 6:30—8:30pm Ancestral & Family Healing  at New Renaissance Books. “Anti-racism for white folk” perspectives that include the idea that people of European descent need to clean up their blood lines by doing work to ascend their dead. Daniel teaches skills and techniques for this work.

Friday May 6th Private sessions and mentorship available from noon-6pm at Song of Stardust House 5234 SE 54th Ave Call Daniel 828-767-9234 to schedule session Suggested rate $150 for 90 min.


Saturday May 7th 10am-4:30 Animal Plant and Fungi Conversations with Local Kin in Forest Park


This Taken directly Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Medicine site:

Ancestral Dedication Ceremony

This ceremony is an opportunity to make explicit a life-long commitment to include family/ancestral healing as one part of your personal path and approach to spirit. Ideally at least one individual in any given family works in an ongoing way to insure that relationships stay healthy between the ancestors/descendants and living family here on Earth. This service may include assisting lineage ancestors who are not yet well in spirit, helping family members join the bright ancestors when they die, gradually cleaning up harmful intergenerational legacies, activating ancestral blessings, and generally encouraging the overall health and vitality of the living.

This commitment ceremony is specifically for those called to pick up the mantle of ‘family ancestor person’ and is appropriate for folks with enough experience with ancestor work to know roughly what’s entailed in making a long-term commitment to your own ancestors. This likely means you’ve done ancestor trainings with me but not necessarily; the important part is that you appreciate the gravity.

Participants will spend at least a few hours (likely more) of preparation for this ritual. Part of the preparation is crafting vows to your own ancestors that you will make during the ritual (with community as witness) as well as writing out any commitments/communications to your living family that you feel are appropriate. I’ll work with dedicants in the weeks before to refine your vows and make other preparations. This dedication ceremony was offered Jan 9, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Suggested contribution is $150 for the day, spaces limited, pre-registration and preparation required.

Accidental ancestor worship photo
Accidental ancestor worship photo

I was incredibly moved when I read this Ancestral Dedication Ceremony training on Daniel’s website last week (@ April 15th). I was inspired to do some personal work to determine if I “could/should/desire to” become the conscious link to my own ancestors. I have been keeping an ancestor altar for my dad (John Ciacchi Jr.) since sometime in 2013. My father died  just after Imbolc on Feb 5th in 2005. For the last week I have spent time during my morning meditations, talking to my father, looking at his altar and feeling into my willingness to make a vow to clean up my own blood lines and help the hungry ghosts residing there become bright ancestors. I am going to begin this work on the New Moon  May 6th 2016 when I am having a consultation session with Daniel Foor in my home. I will begin having conversations with my living  family about this in person when I see them this July after attending the Starwood Festival with Benjamin Pixie.


Synchronicity that lead me to Daniel Foor and back home to North Ridgeville, Ohio

In January, I asked Pavini Moray and Kai Wu, who both 1) live in SF Bay 2) attended Surrender last year 30 Have taken sexological bodywork training with Captain Liam Snowden and 4) are founding members of the Embodiment Arts collective in the Mission district; if they would be interested in leading pathwork this year at Surrender: the EcoSex Convergence. They agreed and came up with this: Worshipping the Bones: Ancestral Reverence for Sexual Healing.  I was super excited to speak with both of them about this when we had lunch together and I got a tour of the Embodied Arts Collective on March 3, 2016. A few weeks later Kat Camp, who is in LLR Priestess Training sent me a link to a class by some guy named Daniel Foor, it was a class on Ancestral Healing for White folks. I followed the link and found a bunch of Daniel’s videos and this is the one that affected me the most: Ancestors vs Ghosts, Importance of Effective Funerals, Engaging Ancestral Guides.

Okay, after watching the videos I start to have potent conversations with everyone I am close to about how I would like to do ritual work to help my blood line heal. Then Pavini sends me a facebook notice 3 days ago that Daniel will be here in Portland May 5-7th. I call Daniel to set up a Session and end up inviting him to use Song of Stardust House for his session work. At the end of the call, I say, “You know I am from Ohio too” which leads to us discovering that we both grew up In North Ridgeville, Ohio. He grew up on Case Road, I grew up on Chestnut Ridge. His sister Dana graduated the same year as me from N.R.H.S., His brother Dean and my brother John are still close friends. In fact I hot tubbed with Dean and J.J. last March when my brother finally visited me here in Portland. Wow, what a surprise. The spirits are laughing for sure!


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