May 2012 Media Stream

This Media stream marks one year of LLR Media Streams! You can read past Media Streams here!

Viva La Vulva weekend was one of the highlights of my life really.Look how happy I am standing with my friend Carla and the woman who put Female Ejaculation into educational videos in 1993 Deborah Sundahl! I cannot thank Bruce enough for the wonderful venue. It felt like I was living in the community of my dreams. Doing sexual healing work in a therapeutic context with ritual and honoring for the Divine Feminine in all of us. Colin Earl of has become a dear and trusted friend. I am thinking of going to India with him for the month of November.

The Art Sluts website debuts Friday May 25th created by Ann Delay it features images, music and art from my punk rock days as an Art Slut.

Colin sent this beautiful image to me. Takes one’s breath away doesn’t it?
For me this video Leela Pastala sent me goes with the image above: The Fierce face of the Feminine


Here is the media stream section about connection and dirt and building a solid foundation in the underground that support and sustains us all.

Here is a lovely EcoSexy video about Trees and Sex

Dirt as healer

Earthing, Grounding and its connection to Our well being

Mermaids in Sydney doing EcoSexual activism



Several awesome articles about bees from Jezebel magazine

Bee Swarms are inherently intelligent

Promiscuity Promotes a Healthier Society

Welsh Park Considers Using Bees as Sentries

Brits Want to Use Bees as Security Guards to Protect Historic Site

How Scientists Deciphered the Waggle Dance Language of Bees



Venus Transit of the Sun: from MSNBC excerpt from Mike Wall’s article 5/21/12

Sunday’s “ring of fire” solar eclipse may be history, but skywatchers have another stunning event to look forward to — next month’s historic Venus transit of the sun.

On Sunday, the moon covered most of the sun’s disk but left a ring of light blazing around its circumference. The resulting annular solar eclipse wowed skywatchers in parts of Asia, the Pacific region and western North America.

As impressive as that sight was, it may just be a warm-up for the Venus transit of the sun on June 5 (June 6 in much of the Eastern Hemisphere). Venus will cross the sun’s face from Earth’s perspective, appearing in silhouette as a tiny, slow-moving black dot.

The dramatic celestial event will be visible from all seven continents, and it’s a must-see for skywatchers; Venus won’t trek across the solar disk again for 105 years. [Venus Transit of 2004: 51 Amazing Photos]

Venus transits occur in pairs that are eight years apart, but these dual events take place less than once per century. The last transit occurred in 2004, but the next won’t come until 2117.

In addition to being rare and spectacular skywatching events, transits of Venus have played a large role in astronomical history. For example, scientists and explorers mounted huge expeditions to view the 18th century’s two transits, which occurred in 1761 and 1769.

What Wikipedia has to say about the Venus Transit

Here is what Nasa says about the Eclipses and the Transits of Venus

2012 Transit of Venus

Video animation of Venus Transit

Austin Adventures
The Eclipse has brought with it a blast from the past Including Judith Friedman whom I went to school with at Stephen’s COllege in 1980-1983 and then I was in the Art Sluts

We went to Barton Springs to swim in the cold cold water where some precious little salamanders are almost extinct. We pray for them and send them golden waves of love during the Juen 2 & 3 at Temple of the Open Lotus Heart


Reunions everywhere. Beloved Sunya Rain came up from Houston to visit and see her Seattle friends.Davida Bundren came with me for the first week of my Austin teaching trip.
We went to Bonnel Mountain to watch the Gemini Lunar eclipse and met an amazing woman named Joy Phoenix!

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