Fri Sept 16th 9pm Full Moon Healing for Teri’s Neck


Full Moon Prayers, Reiki and Visualizations are healing Teri Dianne Ciacchi’s neck

Given the situation I have found myself in and my decision to take every possible powerful action to encourage my body to heal itself, I am asking everyone who loves me and has positive intentions for me to stay in my body and have a long life to join me in the following activities: Pray for me and visualize and send Golden Waves of love and light from your heart toward me and specifically to the C6-C7 disc of my neck. If you are a Reiki practitioner, please send me long distance Reiki. If you are doing rituals of healing, include my name, photograph or some item you have received from me in the ritual.

The specific visualization I am working with is that the vertebrae of my spine are flexible and open and, that the blob of nucleus pulposus, return to its place between C6 and C7. See this happening and see this area of my body surrounded with Golden light. Thank You.

Join us virtually in directing healing energy through Ritual during the Sept full moon Friday Sept 16th at 9pm.

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