Ancestral Lineage Healing Sessions

Session Flow and Cost
Thanks so much for your interest in my Ancestral Resonance Session Work. I’d love to guide you on your ancestral healing journey by beginning with an assessment session. The initial session is 90 minutes and includes an overview and assessment of the state of health within the 4 main bloodlines in your family. My rate for the opening session is $125. Subsequent sessions are 60 min long and cost $100. You can buy a package of sessions at a discount. I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. The package I am offering is:  Initial 90 min assessment +four 60 min sessions ( = one deep dive into each lineage) and a final 60 min weaving together/follow up session for a total cost of $500 (a $625 value). So in essence if you choose this 6 session package, your initial session is free. If you choose the package, you can make a payment plan or pay $100 at the time of each session for the first 5 sessions.
It is fine to pay as you go one session at a time. It is always up to you to decide how many session you want, when you want them, one at a time,  one after the other. I have created a six session package to give you a solid framework of sessions that off an understanding that this soulful, and sobering session work takes a bit of time. Besides being unique to each individual the trance work is great at unpacking burdens and uncovering blessings on each of your bloodlines as we go along. My emphasis is on safety and courage; co-creating a safer/braver space between you and I and our bright and well ancestors. It is a pragmatic and effective approach to using magick and depth psychology to communicate with the dead and generate resonance and healing within our own bloodlines.
Again, in the initial assessment session we will orient ourselves to the mandala of your four main bloodlines: your mother’s mother, your mother’s father, your father’s father and your father’s mother. We create a safe and boundaried place within your own psyche to do the work, a place we will return to repeatedly in order to anchor this work in your consciousness. We explore allies and guides to take with us on our journeys.
During subsequent sessions you can expect to connect with ancestral guides, learn and use techniques for identifying and healing hungry ghosts in your lineage, gain facility with identifying harmful and helpful intergenerational traumas and how to resolve them.
It is quite possible that you can learn to sharpen your ability to receive communications and become adept in visualization and guided meditation and trance journeying.
My training and research for sessions comes from the following sources
My sessions are informed by and based upon my studies and training with Daniel Foor  I completed Dr Foor’s six month practitioner training in March 2018 after attending three weekend intensives from 2016-2017 and doing extensive work on my own bloodlines. I highly recommend his book as we will follow it’s basic understanding and methodology. You can follow his work here: Ancestral Medicine . As a practitioner of Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing I am beholden to this code of ethics  I am also familiar with and working with the intergenerational trauma work of Mark WolynnDr. Dan SiegelBessel Van Der Kolk M.D , rain crowe and many others to ensure my methods are trauma aware and up to date with scientific research on epigenetic trauma and psychological understanding of healing traumatic social phenomena.
Please call me to set up your session today 206-612-3511 Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW