Co-Creators of the Living Love Revolution

oakry-e1401102972347Oakry – Anchor LLR Aphrodite Temples, Teacher of Grounding and Anchoring classes
Oakry is a shaman, queer activist, and ecosexual. He studied Anglo-Catholic theology in the UK, Eastern Orthodox mysticism in the US, and has a diverse background in esoteric magic. His magical skills and teaching areas include potions making, crafting magical tools, wand lore, anchoring, and long-term caregiving for the dying.

Anchoring involves listening to your own body first, others, the earth, and outside the earth to the cosmos. As an anchor for LLR Aphrodite Temples, Oakry also brings to group ritual his masterful practices of intuition and empathy, skills he uses in his work as an end-of-life caregiver.

Oakry has priested and co-priested a magical circle since 1996. He practices sustainable living whenever possible and enjoys spending time on his 800-tree apple orchard, where works as an arborist. Oakry has long been involved with lobbying for immigration reform and has worked with Hosteling International for 17 years to promote cultural understanding through travel.

Tai Fenix Kulystin – High Priestess LLR Aphrodite Temples & Advanced Temple Co-Creator
Tai is an identity and intimacy coach, sacred sexuality practitioner and guide, embodiment educator, priest/ess, and ritual artist. As a student and practitioner of magic and witchcraft for over half of their life, Tai has a love of bringing the sacred and ritual into all aspects of their life. They are an Adept in the Golden Dawn tradition of magic, practicing Witch, practical and erotic Alchemist, and Astrological Magician. For the past eleven years, they have been a devotee of the Red Goddess Babalon, working with her within a queer sex magic framework dedicated to personal growth, embodiment, eroticism, kink, and much more.

Professionally, Tai provides heart-centered and trauma-informed coaching, bodywork, and education for adults of all genders, sizes, relationship statuses, and sexualities within private sessions. They have also been facilitating classes, workshops, and witchcraft-based sacred sexuality temples around the Pacific Northwest since 2011 and writing online about gender and sexuality since 2007.

In addition to their certifications in Sexological Bodywork and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, they most recently received a Masters in Sacred Erotic Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. Their degree and work is focused on the uniting of concepts from depth psychology, sacred sexuality, and erotic neurobiology to assist understanding of the Self through the erotic/alchemical union of the individual soul-spirit-body with others and the world. You can find more about Tai’s professional work at and

MaddieCrossing-2-300x297Reverend Madeline Adams – Manager LLR Aphrodite Temples
Maddie is an old soul with a young heart. People who have met her only once run up to her on the street and leap into her arms for her legendary hugs (with her consent of course) or shout out “Maddie!”, “Sacred whore!”, or “Dirty queer!” in greeting.

People feel safe, loved, and deeply witnessed in Maddie’s presence. As a healer, Maddie uses Qi Gong and other modalities to help clients transform trauma, illness, and injury. As a ritualist, Maddie works with clients and groups, lending her empathic, poetic, and spiritual skills to co-create unique rituals for healing, community building, or rites of passage. She is an intuitive painter and oracular poet.

As a child she spent every hour she could in nature, talking to the plants and animals, and learning to listen deeply. She was a Boy Scout and a missionary. While at Princeton University, she studied East Asian language and philosophy. She serves on the board for Princeton’s LGBT foundation. She contributes her time and creativity to local communities in artistic, feminist, queer, and spiritual circles. Trained in CPR, first aid, mountain rescue, meditation, magic, and peer counseling, Maddie regularly dances naked in the woods.

Kat Camp – Priestess in Training LLR Aphrodite Temples
Kat is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, intimacy coach, professional cuddlist, and Priestess of Aphrodite with over 15 years of experience in facilitation and coaching. She believes that sexual health, pleasure, and intimate connection with oneself and others are basic human rights, and has finally found a way to help people reclaim those rights.

She offers compassionate, intuitive support to individuals, couples, and groups who want to direct their personal erotic development, deepen their connection with their bodies, or work through issues or concerns around sexuality or relationship. Kat uses an individualized combination of guided breath work, touch, holistic peer counseling, and other tools to help each client in their personal journey towards embodying bliss. Her work is trauma informed, feminist, queer-friendly, poly-normative, and supports all beings in their expressions of sexuality and gender. You can find more about Kat’s professional work at


Benjamin Pixie – Co-Conspirator & Peer teacher of LLR EcoMagicks
Benjamin Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life. He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth. In addition to beekeeping, he is a mead maker, a conjurer of spirits, herbalist, a hide tanner, leather worker, & warrior poet. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches.

Pixie Medicine Medicines and Honey available in Portland through LLR
I currently have 10 quart jars of wild flower honey (cost $20 a jar) and many other medicines. If there are other items that you like to purchase from Benjamin Pixie, I am willing to be the Portland area distributor/go between. So let me know what you need. I will talk to Mr. Pixie twice a month and handle the transfer of merchandise and money.